The Alpha Course

The Church in Abingdon

CiA is a grouping of nearly all the Christian churches in Abingdon and celebrated its 20th anniversary a couple of years ago. CiA formalises growing understanding and relationship between the churches, which has developed over a long period of time. It reflects a measure of mutual understanding, support and co-operation that goes well beyond what is found in most communities.

The Church in Abingdon (CiA) exists to:

to bring a fresh global vision of hope through God's love to the people of Abingdon, offering them good news of forgiveness, reconciliation and new life through Jesus Christ;

to rediscover, live out and present the Gospel through our fellowship and worship, unity and diversity;

to express this message through relevant words and actions in the community and by co-operating with others to identify and meet specific needs so that lives are changed, the Church grows and our local community increasingly reflects the values of the kingdom of God.


For more information, visit the CiA website or contact the CiA administrator Debra McKnight



Church in Abingdon